Reflecting on the Quran

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by Anonymous I went into this Ramadan with an intention to make it better than previous Ramadan’s. Too often had I gone through the month sleeping the day away, making it down to the table for iftaar five minutes before Maghrib, and spent what time I was awake simply…

Ramadan Reflections

For most people, the end of exams means the start of summer! Whilst this was true, it also meant the arrival of the month of Ramadan. Although many would say it’s unfortunate that I’ve had to throw myself straight into Ramadan mode after my exams, I would rather look at it more as a blessing, … More Ramadan Reflections


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The car accident At around 18:30 on Thursday 14 March 2013, a car crashed into the back of a truck on Road 5 in Salfit Governorate, occupied Palestine. The driver and her 3 daughters were injured, one of them – seriously. The driver, Adva Biton, was going back to the…


‘The world is your oyster‘ they say. I’m definitely young and naive but I know that the mistakes I make now are the ones that I will learn from. The chances and opportunities I am too scared to take might be the ones that can change my life, for the better. So take a deep breath and … More INVINCIBLE?


After arriving in Madinah we checked into our hotel and headed straight to sleep! We woke up the next morning refreshed, and in time to catch the Dhuhr prayer at the Prophet’s mosque in Madinah. Upon entering one of the most holiest mosques in the world, I looked up in awe at the ‘umbrella’ like figures that … More UMRAH TRIP – DAY 2


In the February half term I went to Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah, a small pilgrimage performed by Muslims at any time of the year. (It is not the same as Hajj!) As a camera enthusiast I took lots of pictures and videos to capture the beauty of the place, full of diversity, rich history and … More UMRAH DIARIES